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Social Media Optimization Training in Hyderabad

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Social Media Optimization training

SMO means Social Media Optimization, and all the organizations either small or big businesses are using various social media channels like Facebook,twitter,Linkedin,youtube,Pininterest to engage users with the social media tools.

Companies have now started leveraging social media and started recruiting Social Media professionals to engage their customers and leverage their businesses.

We also offer online Training.
For Social Media training please call us on 8096333435
SMO Course Structure:
Social Media Optimization:
• What is social media?
• How is it important for business?
• How can social media be integrated with the website?’
• Case studies on various social media
• User engagement statics
• Discussing about various surveys conducted by top social media organizations
• Different social media platforms
• Making a research on our country ,gender and location wise statistics of social media various platform users
• Setting up a vision, mission and goals for social media optimization
Facebook Marketing?
• Importance of facebook in branding a product
• How can facebook leverage the business
• Facebook user profile creation
• Page creation
• Group creation
• Advt creation
• Event creation
• Facebook updates
• Facebook resources
• Facebook APi integration
• Facebook layout
• Facebook hidden buttons.
• Facebook tricks
• Facebook content creation strategy
• How to improve likes ,share and comments
• How to build brand on facebook
• Facebook budget management
• Hash tags
• Facebook advertising
o Sponsored posts
o Sponsored stories
o Sponsored events
o Sponsored likes
Twitter marketing
• Importance of twitter in building brand and business
• Fan engagement in twitter
• Creation of twitter profile
• Writing search engine content as bio for twitter
• Hash tags
• How to engage with users on twitter
• How to integrate twitter with other social networking sites
• Case studies on twitter
Linked in Marketing:
• What is linked in?
• How is linked in important for business?
• Role of linkedin in getting brand promotion
• Role of linked in human resource department
• Profile creation
• Company page creation
• Group creation
• User engagement
YouTube Marketing:
• Creation of user profile
• Creation of company profile
• Integration of social buttons
• How to post videos
• Youtube Optimization
• How to give keywords to appear video on search engines
• Video advertising
Socialbook Marking
• What is social book marking?
• How is it helpful in branding and help in search engine optimization?
• Slide share
• Scribd
• Stumble upon
• Digg
• Delicious
• Pininterest
• Instagram
• Flicker
• Creation of blogs
• WordPress
• Creating pages
• Creating categories
• Adding posts and images
• Importance of blogging in digital marketing

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