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Social Media Marketing Course Training in Hyderabad

Social Media is the most engaging and most engrossing digital platform for all and its a proven fact.And learning how to leverage social media marketing for businesses to create brands is challenging.
Dosemo Social Media Marketing Course helps you to understand and gives you hands-on how to do social media optimization.Our Social Media (SMO) training covers topics like Facebook,Twitter Marketing, Google+, and LinkedIn Marketing Techniques.

Social Media Optimization Module

Introduction to SMO

What is Social Media?
Benefits of using Social Media
Facebook Marketing
Social Media Measurement Tools
Social Media Strategy
Impact of Social Media on SEO

FB Account Setup
Facebook Page Creation
Different options on Facebook (Profiles, Pages, Apps and Groups)
Types of Posts
Types of Pages
Content Creation Strategy
Different types of content
How to get Likes and Shares
Understanding User Behavior with Insights
Facebook Share Button on site
Facebook Like Box on site
Facebook social plugins
Custom Tab
Facebook Groups
Useful Facebook Apps

Google+ Marketing

Profile Setup
Page Setup
Google+ metrics in SEO
Google+ Local
Twitter Marketing

Advantages of Twitter
Profile Creation and Management
Design the Twitter Page
What are Hash Tags
LinkedIn Marketing

Creating Profile
How to Manage Connections
How to create Company Page on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Services Pages
Participating LinkedIn Groups
Social Media Sharing

Creating Account and Channel in YouTube
Designing the YouTube Channel
Promoting videos on YouTube
Monetizing the YouTube Channel
Other video marketing channels.

What is Blog and Why use blogging
WordPress Blogging
How to setup a blog
Content Strategy for blogs
Useful plugins for Blog

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