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PPC Training In Hyderabad

PPC Training In Hyderabad,Ameerpet-Adwords Certification Course from Dosemo.com.
SEM Training(PPC) by Google Adwords Certified Professional

What you will learn from Pay per Click Training?

PPC is one of the most effective and most popular form of Online Marketing.It is also sometimes referred to as PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) marketing.

Through Google Adwords we can target any language,location and display your ads at any time.PPC training will definitely help you create,manage and optimize PPC campaigns.

It will also help you in increasing getting qualified traffic to your website and keeps your costs to a minimum.

So PPC is simply gaining traffic to get visibility in all the search engines through paid method.

Pay Per Click Training in Hyderabad by Adwords Expert

Introduction to Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Why Internet Marketing?

Benefits of Google Adwords

Benefits of Adwords Certification

Creating Adwords Account

Adwords Account Setup

About Adwords Interface

Adwords Dash Board

Billing in Adwords
Creating First Campaign

Understanding purpose of Campaign

Account Limits in Adwords

Location and Language Settings

Networks and Devices

Bidding and Budget

Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling

Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping

Demographic bidding (Display Only)

Social settings (Display Only)

Automatic campaign optimization (Display Only)
Ad groups and Keywords
Purpose of Ad Groups

Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)

Adwords Keyword Tool

Text Ad Format
Quality Score and Its Importance

Understanding the Ad Group and Keywords Dash Board

Automate Tool

Search Terms + Single Keyword Auction

Columns Customization

Alerts Setting

Ads Format and Ad Guidelines

Ad Types in Adwords

Text Ads and Guidelines

Image Ad Formats and Guidelines

Display Ad Builder Ads and Guidelines
Video Ads Format
Ads Preview and Diagnosis
Display Network Targeting

Setting a Display Network Campaign

Concept of CPM and Branding

Automatic Placements

Manual Placements

Placement Tool

Contextual Targeting Tool

CPC Bidding and CPM Bidding

Setting a Video Campaign

Audience Tab

Topics Tab
Conversion Tracking

Purpose of Conversions

Create your Conversion Tracking Code

Tracking the Conversions for Multiple Product
Website Optimizer

Using Website Optimizer Tool

A/B Testing

Multi Variant Testing
Reports and Improving Conversions

Conversion Tracking

Dimensions Reports

Google Analytics Tools
Multi User Access

User Access Levels
My Client Centre (MCC)
Adwords Tools

Change History Tool

Adwords Editor Tool

Adwords Questions and Answers

Search Engine Marketing Training In Hyderabad by Google Adwords Qualified Professional

Adwords Live Project