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Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad-Internet Marketing Course by Dosemo

Learn our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad or Digital Marketing Courses in Hyderabad and get well placed with our best job assistance in top companies.It is a strategy developed to promote products and services or brands using internet,mobile and computers and other interactive channels to reach the customers or users online.It adds lots of value to business and also to consumers.

Digital Marketing helps in increasing a company’s brand by making aware of the services and products of a company.

You will learn all the tricks of the Marketing like SEO, PPC, SMO,SMM,Branding,Video and Viral Marketing etc.,with hands on and to make you understand and implement all the techniques in real time .

Our Digital Marketing Course helps you in learning and implementing the tactics, methods and strategies easily and effectively.

The Digital Marketing techniques through which you can reach your target audience.

Digital Marketing Course Contents

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

What is the difference between Traditional Media Vs Digital Media.

Advantages of Digital marketing

Digital media marketing platforms

New Digital Marketing Trends

Different Types Of Websites

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

      What Is Paid Search Marketing

Basics of Search Marketing

Adwords Campaign Creation

Adgroups, Ads and Ad Types

Keywords and Bidding

Display Marketing Campaign

Re-targeting or Remarketing Campaign

Mobile Campaign

My Client Centre and Adwords Tool

Dynamic search campaigns

Display Ads Campaigns

Mobile App Install Marketing

Mobile App Engagement Marketing

Video Marketing

Conversion Tracking and ROI


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is Search Engine?

Major Functions Of a Search Engine

Understanding the Search Engines and Algorithms

Keywords Research and Competition Analysis

On Page Optimization Techniques

Off Page Optimization
i)What is Link Building?
ii)What are backlinks?

Local SEO Strategies

Detailed SEO Training Course Topics

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Introduction to SMO

Introduction to Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media optimisation

Advantages of Social Media

How to attract users in Social Media

What is Viral Marketing

Introduction to Facebook

Facebook Marketing

How to setup Facebook PPC Campaign

Facebook Page and Ads Creation

Facebook Right Column Ads

Facebook News feed Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook Like Ads

Facebook Groups

Use of Hashtags

Building your Brand using Organic Techniques

Introduction to Twitter

What is Trwitter and Why Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Sponsored Tweet Campaigns

Use of URL Shortener in Twitter

Twitter Sponsored Trends Campaigns

Use of Hashtags in Twitter

Best practices of posting tweets

Building Followers on twitter

LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn

Power of Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn text ads

LinkedIn Newsfeed Ads

LinkedIn Company Page Creation

LinkedIn Group Creation

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

What is LinkedIn Inmails

Social Media CRM Tools

Content Marketing Tools


Google Analytics

Why Analyze a website?

What Is a Business Objective?

What are Goals In Analytics?

Website Integration With Analytics?

Funnels,Filters And Segmentation


What is Google Analytics

Setup of Google Analytics for your website

Realtime reporting

Audience Reports

Demographic Reports

ABC of Google Analytics

Conversion tracking setups

Setup of Alerts

Account Linking

Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Lead Generation For All Types of Businesses

What are Leads?

Leads are the base for any business

How To generate leads for business using different  channels like PPC,SEO,and SMM.

Creating and Understanding landing pages which generate leads that convert.

What is A/B testing and how to do A/B testing?


What Is Branding?

Why Online Reputation Management?

Measuring ORM and Its Tools

Who Use It And Why They Use It?

Understanding ORM

Tools To Monitor ORM

Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Online Using Affiliate Marketing?

Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs

Who Can Become An Affiliate?

Adsense:What is It And How It Makes Sense?

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer With Common Sense

How To Plan And Build A Website With WordPress

What Is Website?

Purpose Of A Website

Goals Of A Website

Types Of Websites

What Is CMS?

Types Of CMS

Inside WordPress

Why Building a Website with WordPress


What are Plugins

Create a Website Within An Hour

Content Marketing & Website Integration Tools

Learn how write compelling content

What is Content and Why is content important

Content is king, Know why

Best Practices in Content Marketing

ORM – Online Reputation Management

Learn the Importance ORM in Digital World and Understanding how to use them ORM tools effectively with case studies.

Advantages of learning Digital Marketing Course at Dosemo Technologies

Experienced and Digital Marketing Growth Hacker and Certified Adwords Professional.

What makes Dosemo Digital Marketing Training Institute  different from other’s?

  • Faculty With Experience And Expertise In Digital Marketing And IT
  • Provides best Quality Training/Course with Job Assistance and Internships
  • We Make It Easy For You To Understand With Our Methods and Methodologies.
  • We provide both Online/classroom Training Digital marketing classes.
  • 100% Post Training Support for the students
  • Rejoins with Backup Classes.
  • Hands On Practical Training.
  • Only 4-5 Members Per Batch.
  • We conduct tests after completion of each topic online and as well as offline.

After the program,you can appear for Google Adword’s Certification Exam and get certified from Google
You will learn innovative ways of doing marketing on the digital platform
This course will help you in starting your career in Digital Marketing Industry.

We also offer Digital Marketing services for small,medium businesses in Hyderabad

Call Us on 8096333435 for complete details about the Digital Marketing course